Sunday, March 13, 2011

Planning to Propose In Spring 2011? Make It A Magical Moment With Affordable Engagement Rings

If it's time to propose your special lady, the affordable engagement rings are those which are made of cubic zirconia diamonds, when you like to to appear at your best. These man-made diamonds appear to be exactly the same like mined diamond, only jeweler can tell the difference by examining the two diamonds. Everyone can see the difference if looking the price tag though. Unlike natural diamonds cubic zirconia diamonds don't have any flaws, they are perfect. They have great sparkling fire and are nearly as hard as natural diamonds. You can have CZ diamonds in many different and highly fashionable colors like blue, yellow or pink.

Do you know what a truly neat thing here is? It is the fact that when you save money by choosing the CZ stones over the natural gemstones, you have more money left to be spent for high quality ring. You see, many people have their CZ stones mounted to a low carat gold ring, like 10K gold. Well, what then happens? The diamond still looks exceptional, but the ring doesn't. High priced high quality diamond cannot be found mounted in a low carat ring, and when you have the stone set to a low quality ring; it's kind of a give a way about the stone also. But now that you have some extra money to spend, you can invest to top quality 18K real gold ring, which feels and looks truly awesome! That will be the investment you don't need to regret, mark my words.

Are you little bit unsure about getting a synthetic diamond, instead of a natural stone? This is one way to look at it: When you see a beautiful flower in a field do you just bow in awe at its beauty, or do you think about what kind of molecule structure it may have. For Christ sake, does it have more or less cells than that huge sunflower your neighbor has? Is it some kind of a hybrid? Maybe it's not a flower at all; maybe it is a panda bear in disguise spying on you just to make sure? Whatever you do, the mystery of the flower remains. Do you see my point or not? It doesn't really matter what the stone is made of as long as it pleases the eye of those who see it.

I think that it's great to have an alternative which is available for all size of budgets. There is plenty to choose from, so go ahead and explore the internet to find something that fits your taste and needs.